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The association is a voluntary, non-profitmaking professional association promoting the image and standards of agricultural journalism in South Africa. It was established in Pretoria in 1977.

The association is representative of agricultural journalists serving the industry through magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Qualified membership is also extended to friends of the agricultural media. It remains, however, primarily a body run by journalists for journalists.

How do we serve agriculture?

The association strives to encourage its members within the framework of a free and independent press to adopt a responsible and constructive attitude towards the reporting of agricultural matters. The association encourages healthy selfexamination of agricultural policy and practices and strives to improve the understanding between farmers and consumers.


  • To promote and foster matters of common interest to members.
  • To advance the profession of agricultural journalism through the stimulation of thought, study, research, discussion and the dissemination of information to members.
  • To raise funds to further its objectives.
  • To nominate and select worthy candidates for its awards.
  • To support and encourage freedom of the press.
  • To establish and maintain contact with journalists in other countries.
  • To maintain neutrality in matters of religion and politics.
  • To take appropriate action to safeguard the status of the profession.
  • To maintain close contact with other bodies serving agriculture.
  • To strive to promote better understanding of the role of agriculture in the community.
  • To arrange annual competitions to honour competence in agricultural journalism and photography.

About IFAJ


The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit professional association with membership covering 41 countries that embrace freedom of the press. IFAJ serves current members and reaches out to new member countries in South America, Asia and developing nations.

One of IFAJ’s mandates is improved contact between agricultural journalists. To that end, IFAJ publishes IFAJ News, organizes an annual congress hosted by a member country’s agricultural journalists’ association, and maintains a list of contacts, journalists who can help you.

The IFAJ is volunteer organization lead by elected leaders. Members in each affiliated country are represented by an individual who serves on the IFAJ executive committee. This leadership group meets twice a year to conduct IFAJ business and formulate policy for its members. A part-time executive secretary helps facilitate the organization’s work.

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About the IFAJ Congress

IFAJ Congress

The annual IFAJ (International Federation of Agricultural Journalists) Congress is a the major event attracting around 200 agricultural journalists from all over the world. They event represents a fabulous opportunity to learn about – and report on – aspects of farming and food and drink production in the host country. The Congress is also an unparalleled opportunity for networking with journalist and PR counterparts – and to have a very good time!

IFAJ Congress Netherlands 2018

IFAJ Congress 2018 Netherlands

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